Travelers Follow Love - Episode 1 (Pilot)

Produced by Oliver Mirkovic & Nikolaj Trane Karstenberg
Camera by Nikolaj Trane Karstenberg
Editing by Nikolaj Trane Karstenberg & Oliver Mirkovic
Music by Anton Friisgaard

Simon - Nikolaj Trane Karstenberg
Christian - Christian Heldbo Wienberg
Vicevært - Jakob Svendsen
Johanna - Marie-Louise Mastellone Ottesen
Veninde - Anna Ingeborg Sørensen

Teaser for Episode 2

Project Showreel

Simon can be followed on Instagram where he will upload photos and small videos from his travels. His instagram would serve as native advertising for SAS Youth's destinations as well as a teaser for the webseries.

A mock-up of the campaign site which will serve as the streaming outlet for the webseries. Embedded Facebook videos will link to the campaign site. From here, offers on Simons destinations will be easily accessible to the viewer. 

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